We are an Australian company with a growing international reputation
focusing on the design and servicing of high quality underwater
electronics used in harsh environments.


BlueZone has been pleased to support many aquaculture customers over many years as the aquaculture industry has grown in Australian seas. A wide product portfolio with experience in many application areas enables BlueZone to provide aquaculture customers with the best value and right technology for challenges in this fast-growing industry.  

The ocean is a very harsh environment for deployment of equipment and components and designs that attempt to “cut corners” inevitably do not meet user expectations for performance, functionality and reliability. We base our experience and advice on what we know works from working with customers in applications ranging from offshore oil & gas to oceanographic science and hydrographic survey, and on feedback from our current customers in the aquaculture industry.  Let our experience guide you in the selection of the best products for your application. 


Our capability in aquaculture extends to our experience in developing systems, specialised products and engineering for subsea applications. We have completed the design and manufacture of systems for control and monitoring which have been demonstrated to perform in the harshest of conditions. For more information on our engineering capability see the BlueZone Engineered tab and we would be happy to discuss your specific application for underwater technology in aquaculture.

Products for Aquaculture

With our extensive and wide underwater technology experience, we are ideally placed to help you specify your system components with the following products:

• Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) – the perfect tools for net monitoring & inspections, diver support, or even minor net repairs
• Underwater cameras (for ROVs or divers) – BlueZone offers an unparalleled range of cameras (low-light, wide-angle, zoom, stills, tiny size, etc)
• Underwater lighting (for ROVs or divers)
• Custom cable assembly manufacture
• Underwater electrical connectors (including wet-mateable)
• Underwater cable
• ADCPs for current monitoring at potential or existing pen sites
• Sensors (dissolved oxygen, tide gauges etc.)
• Sediment samplers
• Sonars for navigation or monitoring
• Water Samplers
• ClearSignal® coating for lifetime biofouling treatment

Contact BlueZone for further information and advice on the right products for your Aquaculture application.

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ClearSignal® - Biofouling Protection for the Life of the Instrument

Application Engineering to Support Aquaculture

Combined with our extensive and wide underwater technology product portfolio, BlueZone offer a flexible and innovative engineering capability to address your specific application. Our engineering team can rapidly develop a customised product to suit your exact needs and ensure full support in Australia for the lifetime of the product. We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to understand their products deeply so that we can ensure your customised product will meet your needs and be reliable and robust.
Read more about the BlueZone engineering capability that is at your service below.

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Service and Support for Aquaculture

At BlueZone we “service what we sell” and we aim to provide the best possible service for your equipment from our fully-equipped workshops in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth.
We are constantly reviewing and updating our spares holdings to ensure that we hold the best possible mix of components to support fast service turnaround. Our suite of test equipment and specialised test facilities is maintained to support Australian-based equipment as far as is possible.
We ensure that our technical staff are trained by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) when possible, and our engineering team is on hand to assist with upgrades, improvements and modifications should you require them.

Getting your equipment back in the field fast is our aim if you ever have a breakdown, accident or other problems. 

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Seaeye Falcon for Aquaculture Applications

Reliability when working in extremely remote locations is a key reason for selecting the Seaeye Falcon for aquaculture applications. The Seaeye Falcon is rated the top underwater robotic vehicle in class worldwide.

Along with inspecting nets and moorings, Falcons fitted with manipulators can be deployed to perform light work tasks around fastenings and buoys, as well as collecting and recovering items.

The Seaeye Falcon DR can be fitted with a five-function manipulator and soft rope cutter, a Kongsberg HDTV camera, B&W reverse camera, a BlueView multi-beam sonar and an Applied Acoustic high-end USBL.

The success of the Falcon for aquaculture work comes from its reassuring reliability, favoured by their pilots for working in isolated locations and its power, agility and steadiness in strong cross currents and harsh conditions whilst heavily loaded with equipment.

The Falcon’s world-winning concept comes from having created a highly reliable vehicle packed with five powerful thrusters and Saab Seaeye’s iCON™ intelligent power and distributed control architecture, all fitted into an easily handled metre-sized vehicle that can adopt different tools and sensors for undertaking numerous intricate and demanding tasks. 

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Seaeye Falcon for Aquaculture Applications

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Salmon Farming Gets New Falcon Technology

Salmon Farming Gets New Falcon Technology The largest majority privately owned producer of fresh salmon in Australia, Huon Aquaculture, has ordered a second Saab Seaeye Falcon underwater e-robotic vehicle. Their...

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ClearSignal® – Biofouling Protection for the Life of the Instrument

ClearSignal® – Biofouling Protection for the Life of the Instrument Hank Lobe, Director of ClearSignal®, has visited Australia for meetings with a number of BlueZone customers who recognise the benefits...

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Combating Biofouling in Aquaculture

Combating Biofouling in Aquaculture AML Oceanographic has used their UV•Xchange for biofouling control, to enable oxygen sensors to remain in place in an aquaculture application without cleaning for up to...

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