Experience your future in ocean technology and maritime robotics

As an underwater technology company, BlueZone offers the opportunity to discover a career in the last frontier – the world’s oceans. Many of our positions are based around a knowledge of STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Maths – and we are keen to support the next generation of ocean technologists through work experience and other activities outlined on this page.


Subs in Schools

Subs in Schools Technology Challenge™ is the result of collaboration between REA, the Department of Defence and industry stakeholders including the Australian Submarine Corporation and Saab Australia.

It was conceived in response to the Australian Government’s announcement of the $50 billion Future Submarine Program. It is the world’s first in-class submarine design competition.

Students design either a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) or a submarine which they must operate. Alternatively, they can build a three-dimensional virtual scale model of living quarters in a futuristic submarine.

BlueZone is a current supplier of systems and technology to the COLLINS Class submarine and is working with Lockheed Martin on tasks that will support the Future Submarine Combat System development. BlueZone is pleased to support the Subs in Schools Technology Challenge™.

Students compete in the ROV competition in the school swimming pool.

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BlueZone teams with Willeton Senior High School in Perth


School Industry Visits

BlueZone is pleased to host school industry visits as is allowed by our work program. Interested schools should contact

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BlueZone staff and St Phillips High School during a visit

BlueZone staff and St Phillips High School students during the School to Industry visit.
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BlueZone supports links between schools and industry through presentations at events like the Maitland High School Industry Links Breakfast.

Year 10 Work Experience

Our Year 10 Work Experience program is based around the “Build Your Own Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)” Project. In this project you will work in our Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Support Facility alongside experienced technicians and engineers. Our team will guide you and support you to complete your project leading to the final test – a swim test in our 8-meter diameter x 5-metre deep and 250,000-litre test tank. During your work experience the regular activities of our workshop will be underway all around you and you may get to see a Navy ROV under test before or after a major service activity.

The work for the Build Your Own ROV project is hands-on electronics assembly and test and will involve electrical soldering.

We run our work experience for one week in Term 2 and one week on Term 3 on a “first-in” basis. We limit the places in each week to 3 people as our work experience is conducted in a workshop environment and we need to ensure that we can properly supervise and assist you.

For a chance to complete Year 10 Work Experience at BlueZone complete the application form below, save as PDF, and email to hrm@bzg.com.au


Our books are currently full for the remainder of 2022 but we are taking applications now for 2023!


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Work Experience Students Choose Technical Careers

Engineering Undergraduate Work Experience

BlueZone supports positions for undergraduate engineering experience for students from 2nd-year onwards. You will be supervised by professional engineers and the work experience that you complete will meet the requirements of Engineers Australia. Our preferred discipline is mechatronics with a bias toward embedded systems and robotics. Electrical/electronic engineers and mechanical engineers may also find useful work experience with us from time-to-time.

We normally provide work experience positions over the summer period on a selection basis. Using the application form we will try to match your experience/interest with the projects that we have available over the summer.

Complete the application form below, save as PDF, and email to hrm@bzg.com.au


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Engineering Interns – East & West Coast

Engineering Interns - East & West Coast
BlueZone supports undergraduates to complete the equivalent of 12 weeks full time engineering experience.

HunterNet Career Connectors

BlueZone is proud to partner with HunterNet and support the next generation of Electrical/electronic, and mechanical engineer apprentices. Since the company began in 2000, BlueZone has supported many apprentices with their training. Our apprentices have not only successfully completed their apprenticeships, but they have gone on to be highly skilled and sought-after tradespeople. There are skills shortages in the Defence industry, as in many industries today. BlueZone believes in investing in people and in the future of our workforce, and we are partnering once again with HunterNet to develop skills and advance careers. 


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BlueZone Apprentices