We are an Australian company with a growing international reputation
focusing on the design and servicing of high quality underwater
electronics used in harsh environments.

Capabilities & Experience

BlueZone Group has gained an enviable track record in supplying products and services to the Australian Defence community and has attained preferential supplier status with many Defence Prime contractors.

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Products for Defence Applications

  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • Sub Bottom Profilers
  • Acoustic Pingers, Transponders and Receivers
  • Hydro Acoustic Tracking Systems
  • Acoustic Releases
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • Multi Influence and acoustic seabed range cable assemblies
  • Motion sensors
  • Gyro Compass’s
  • SIT Compatible low light CCD cameras
  • Subsea surveillance full pan & tilt colour video cameras
  • Submarine Pressure Hull Glands (optical, coaxial, electrical)
  • Subsea Hydrophones
  • Subsea Fibre Optic cable and connector assemblies
  • Towed array cable and connectors
  • Diver mateable electrical connectors
  • Submersible electronics module (SEM)
  • Diver Propulsion Vehicles
Latest Defence News

MARTAC T-38 Devil Ray USV in the Arabian Gulf

MARTAC USV working with Combined Task Force 152 in the Arabian Gulf MARTAC is proving itself to be an exceptional Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) for military service around the world....

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Tip of the Spear

Mine Disposal using the Double Eagle Remotely Operated Vehicle Huon-class minehunter coastal HMAS Gascoyne started its latest deployment with a bang, conducting a live mine disposal activity off the coast...

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BlueZone and the RDA Hunter Defence Industry Workforce Campaign

BlueZone Group engineer, Curtis Schur, sat down with RDA Hunter to talk about his experience working within the Defence Industry in the Hunter BlueZone Group has been partnering with RDA...

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HII’s REMUS 620 UUV Successfully Completes First Sea Trails

Enhanced Endurance, Mission Capacity and Odyssey Advanced Autonomy HII’s newest UUV, the REMUS 620 successfully undertook its first sea trials in December 2023. The sea trials included a series of...

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