ClearSignal Coating

ClearSignal coating products can be applied to your instruments and underwater components at BlueZone workshops in Australia. This provides for fast turnaround for instrument coatings and BlueZone is able to offer ClearSignal coating as an option together with the ADCP Verification Service.

BlueZone technicians are trained in the application of ClearSignal coatings. The system is applied in a controlled facility using state-of-the-art industrial processes. The intended substrate and application methods are significant engineering design components of the ClearSignal system. The product formulation is also adjusted for the particular marine application.

Unlike anti-fouling systems that rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal remains 100% effective for the intended life of the instrument. ClearSignal is optically clear – compatible with optical transducers, instruments housings retain all instruments markings and identification features.

ClearSignal is compatible with almost all surfaces. The techniques used for application have solved the issue of non-paintable surfaces through the unique chemistry and surface preparation.

pdf ClearSignal Brochure (325 KB)



ClearSignal™ Customers

The reputation and reliability of ClearSignal™ coating is constantly growing as it is recognised as a lifetime solution for anti-fouling coating. ClearSignal’s toughness and adhesion to the substrate is far superior to any other foul release coating and enables ClearSignal to be cleaned in a robust manner. This was a key design parameter for ClearSignal.