Subsea Cable Moulding Service

Our specialised subsea cable Moulding Workshop provides a leading national capability for subsea and deck cable harness manufacture. Our speciality is rapid turnaround and short run jobs – we are here to help when you need a cable harness in a hurry!

Subsea Cable Moulding Service
Fully moulded “Curly Cables” are an ideal solution where reliable equipment connection in harsh environments is essential for mission success.


Care and attention to detail is critical in assembly of subsea cable harnesses and fitting-off underwater connectors. Our staff have extensive experience in many types of subsea connectors, cables and jacket types. They have the full facilities of our Moulding Workshop tools at their disposal to ensure that your job is completed to the highest standards.

Using in-house knowledge and methods developed through years of service to the subsea industry, BlueZone is able to complete moulding work which will ensure trouble free operation in customer systems.



The BlueZone polyurethane cable moulding service includes the capability to securely bond to all neoprene and metal shell connectors and most cable types including polyurethane, PVC, Neoprene, EPR and sealing capability to Polyethylene sheathed cables.

Our experience shows that cable harnesses and connector terminations can be expected to be a source of faults due to the harsh conditions they must face in operations. Reduce the risk of problems in-service by allowing BlueZone to design and produce your next cable assembly of subsea termination.