We are an Australian company with a growing international reputation
focusing on the design and servicing of high quality underwater
electronics used in harsh environments.

Experience & Capabilities

BlueZone is working at the forefront of this exciting new industry and has supplied critical system components to Wave and Tidal projects in Australia and overseas. Lessons learned from the offshore oil & gas industry are vital to assisting the start up of ocean renewable energy industry and BlueZone can provide extensive advice and experience to assist with design and specification of novel subsea systems.

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The ocean is a very harsh environment for deployment of equipment and components and designs that attempt to “cut corners” inevitably do not meet user expectations for performance, functionality and reliability. We base our experience and advice on what we know works from the offshore oil & gas industry. Let our experience guide you in the selection of the best products for your application. Renewable Energy Technical Notes

Our capability in Ocean Renewables extends to our experience in engineering for subsea applications. We have completed the design and manufacture of systems for control and monitoring which have been demonstrated to perform in the harshest of conditions. For more information on our engineering capability see the BlueZone Engineered tab.

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Products for Ocean Renewable Energy

With our extensive subsea experience we are ideally placed to help you specify your system components with the following products:

  • HydroLight Stab Plate Fibre Optic Connectors
  • CM 2000 Stab Plate Electrical Connectors
  • HRS wet mateable Electrical connectors
  • Composite high voltage / optical fibre control cables
  • Composite CAT5E / power data cable and connectors (wet mateable)
  • Mechanical Strain Terminations
  • Optical Fibre Penetrators
  • HV cable
  • HV connectors
  • Submersible Electronic Modules (SEM)
  • Subsea Jumper cable assemblies
  • Subsea Data Logging Systems
  • Subsea Proximity Switch’s
  • Xenon Flashers
  • Acoustic Modems
  • ADCP’s

For further information and advice on the right products for your Ocean Renewables application.

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