ADCP Verification Service

Approved by Teledyne RD Instruments, the BlueZone ADCP Verification & Validation Service provides a cost effective, rapid and reliable way to determine the status of your ADCP instruments. ADCPs do not require calibration, however, continual verification is recommended to:

  • Ensure that instruments are operating correctly
  • Build confidence in instruments
  • Identify & correct issues before deployment

ADCP verification service flyer

ADCP Data Assurance

Many ADCP operators are now aware of the need to ensure high quality and consistent data resulting from ADCP measurements and are seeking to continuously improve the quality of data gathered. Checking the status of your ADCP is the first step in ensuring a high quality results from expensive and time consuming at-sea measurements. The BlueZone ADCP Verification & Validation Service provides you with confidence in the status of your instrument before you mobilise for at-sea operations.

Authorised Service Centre

BlueZone is an Authorised Service Centre for ADCP verification, upgrade, modification, repair and validation. Our service technicians are factory-trained by Teledyne RDI and are backed up by our engineering team with extensive knowledge of ADCP applications and issues. ADCPs used for our “at sea” testing have been verified against Teledyne RDI ADCPs and are regularly tested at Teledyne’s facility.

The BlueZone ADCPs Verification & Validation Service provides service levels to suit your needs.

Find out more at ADCP Calibration Recommendations.

Laboratory Check

The laboratory check is ideal to build confidence in your ADCP with a fast turnaround and thorough inspection by our experienced technical staff. If we find any issues we will contact you and discuss the way forward. Many faults, upgrades and repairs can be immediately addressed using the capability of our workshops. Your ADCP will be back in service with no delays or costs for overseas shipping.

The laboratory check encompasses:

  • Complete visual inspection
  • Cleaning & removal of bio-fouling
  • Polishing and cleaning of transducer faces
  • Functional test
  • Beam crosstalk check
  • Compass calibration
  • Battery check
  • Firmware check
  • Static tank beam test
  • Comparison with baseline test data
  • Full reporting 

Field (in Water) Check

For complete verification of your ADCP we recommend a Field (In Water) Check. In preparation for this check all of the laboratory checks will first be completed and the results will be discussed with you.

When laboratory checks are successfully completed the field (in water) check can be planned. Your ADCP will be mounted in our specialised research vessel for a “side-by-side” comparison with a BlueZone “Gold Standard” ADCP. Our Gold Standard ADCPs are regularly checked by testing at the Teledyne RDI facilities in San Diego.

The field (in water) check encompasses:

  • All laboratory checks

  • Moving boat side-by-side comparison of your ADCP with BlueZone “Gold Standard” ADCP

  • Complete check all ADCP function and performance characteristics

  • Full reporting

ClearSignal Coating

ClearSignal is a clear non-toxic rubber-like coating that resists biofouling as a result of the non-stick properties of the material itself. The product is permanent coating that is designed to last the life of the platform or instrument it is protecting.

ClearSignal coating products can be applied to your instruments and underwater components at BlueZone workshops in Australia making it easy to include with an ADCP Verification Service. The opportunity following a service is an ideal time to apply ClearSignal Coating when your ADCP has been thoroughly cleaned by the BlueZone service team.

Unlike anti-fouling systems that rely on active biocides and whose effectiveness degrades with time, ClearSignal remains 100% effective for the intended life of the instrument. ClearSignal is optically clear – compatible with optical transducers, instruments housings retain all instruments markings and identification features.

See more about Clear Signal Coating here.