Defence Project Experience


BlueZone Group & Defence

BlueZone Group provide equipment sales, specialist engineering skills and experience in Defence for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS). BlueZone Group draws on more than twenty years of experience as a Defence-focused SME, with a track record of high-quality performance on multiple projects for the Australian Defence Force. BlueZone brings knowledge and understanding of the latest technology and innovations such as Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) and Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV).  This capability combined with a successful track record in completing major projects has earned an enviable reputation in the Defence sector. The team at BlueZone are committed to providing quality maintenance and improvements to meet the Defence Forces’ requirements… Read More


LAND1771 Tranche 1 Geospatial Support Systems

BlueZone Group has been awarded a two-year contract to deliver and sustain Littoral and Riverine Survey (LRS) Systems, as part of the LAND 1771 program, to support the joint land force. LAND 1771 Tranche 1 will introduce the first Geospatial Survey Systems (GSS) to the Land Force commanders by modernising geospatial capabilities. The LRS capability will perform hydrographic and bathymetric surveys of environments to facilitate the collection and dissemination of Geospatial data… Read More


AUV-62AT Intermediate ASW Training Target

The future of BlueZone’s long-standing partnership with Saab Australia has enabled an ongoing in-service operational and maintenance assistance of the AUV62-AT Intermediate Anti-Submarine Warfare Training target. Marine robotics supported by BlueZone will be an important contributor to the Australian Naval fleet, allowing them to maintain a technological edge… Read More.


Wave Glider In Service Support

The Wave Glider is a remarkably versatile system that has sophisticated computers for navigation, ocean sensors, and satellite communication systems. Continuously powered by a unique two-part architecture and wing system, that directly converts wave motion into thrust and solar panels into electricity to operate the sensor payload controls and computers. By harvesting energy, Wave Gliders can travel long distances, collect data and return for maintenance without a ship ever leaving the port. BlueZone Group is the most experienced SME distributor in Australia for the Wave Gliders, delivering numerous systems to the Australian Royal Navy…Read More


SEA1770 Rapid Environmental Assessment

BlueZone Group has an ongoing contract with LEIDOS to supply, integrate and support sensor suites for the Rapid Environmental Assessment. The Royal Australian Navy will receive deployable elements to enhance the direction, collection, processing and dissemination of tactical maritime environmental information, such as Military Geospatial Information (MGI). Specialised UUVs such as the REMUS 100S, are configured for hydrographic and offshore surveys, designed to eliminate the need for larger vessels…Read More


Through Life Support

BlueZone Group is a dynamic future-focused company, whose core capabilities and expertise are to provide in-country Through-Life Support (TLS) activities to complex electronic and electromechanical systems to the Australian Defence Force. BlueZone is an exclusive sovereign with the support of various industry partners, to develop ASW capabilities that are guided by the Royal Australian Navy’s requirements. BlueZone identifies similar endeavours with Australia’s five-eyes partners through constant collaboration with overseas OEMs.

BlueZone and Saab Underwater Systems have worked closely for over 20 years to deploy the Double Eagle System. The first introduction of the REMUS vehicle appilcations within Australia, were provided through BlueZone. Full service and warranty support are provided by the engineering team at BlueZone. Additionally, The Wave Glider operations and maintenance are also provided by BlueZone… Read More


Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Communication System

In Late 2015, BlueZone supported an important L3 Communications project regarding the relocation of the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Communications Training Facility to a permanent home at the Naval base, HMAS Kuttabul, Sydney. The delivery of two LHD ships to the Royal Australian Navy provided an opportunity to establish a new building at Garden Island in Sydney. The rebuild and relocation of the new establishment, Through Life Support Facility (TLSF), allowed BlueZone to demonstrate its ability to plan and fit a successful communication module…Read More

Approved Technical Support Agency

In 2019, BlueZone Group (BZG) was awarded the Approved Technical Support Agency. For twenty years, BZG has proudly supported the Royal Australian Navy with unmanned and remotely operated vehicles, such as the Saab “Double Eagle” Mine Disposal System. BlueZone Group has also provided in-country capabilities through the assistance of Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs, and associated Multi- Bea, Echo Sounders and acoustic tracking equipment… Read More

Minehunter Coastal

BlueZone Group is an exclusive Mine Disposal Systems support partner to Saab Seaeye, support for the Double Eagle Mine Disposal System since 2000. The Mine Disposal System Double Eagle comprises fourteen (14) Mine Disposal Vehicles and six (6) shipboard systems. The BlueZone engineering team work closely with Thales Australia to provide in-country service through maintenance, modification and modernisation of the Double Eagle System. Some of BlueZone’s key achievements include the development of modifications and upgrades of the Integration of Low-Frequency Acoustic Transponders and Ship-wide development testing for acoustic tracking performance…. Read More



COLLINS Class Submarine
BlueZone Group has been a supplier to the COLLINS Class Submarine project since the original construction, through critical applications, such as specialised camera systems to support operations. The software and hardware elements for the Konsberg camera are provided by BlueZone Group, which are fitted and mounted onto each Royal Australian Navy COLLINS submarine. The ASC works closely with BlueZone, to develop custom solutions for monitoring Special Forces personnel when deployed… Read More


Air Warfare Destroyer

BlueZone Group provides in-country Through Life Support (TLS) for essential communications and navigation equipment. The core capabilities and expertise of BlueZone are providing TLS activities to complex electronic and electromechanical systems. These are provided by overseas Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to the Australian Defence Force. The equipment and systems are integrated into three Hobart class Air Warfare Destroyers, which are operated by the Royal Australian Navy… Read More



Hydrographic Survey Ships
BlueZone Group has provided the Royal Australian Navy Hydrographic Survey ship, HMAS LEEUWIN, with a Teledyne Reson SeaBat® T50-R Multi-Bea, Echo Sounder (MBES). The SeaBat® T50 combines a Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP) system to provide survey data at reduced processing times. The BlueZone staff apply ClearSignal® biofouling protection to all the SeaBat® T50 sonars. BlueZone has proudly supplied the Royal Australian Navy with four single-head T50 systems to conduct surveys… Read More


Autonomous Warrior 2018

The BlueZone Group staff successfully completed three innovative demonstrations of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) at the Autonomous Warrior 2018 Industry Dynamic Exhibition. BlueZone is proudly partnering with other industry businesses to develop technologies that are suitable to support various operations of the Australian Defence Force. Innovative technologies that BlueZone are associated with include the Next Generation REMUS 100, REMUS M3V and the Integrated Z-BoatRead More


Autonomous Warrior 2022

At Autonomous Warrior 2022 BlueZone Group completed a successful three weeks of support for leading global OEMs, HII and MARTAC. Serving customers in more than 30 countries, HII provides design, autonomy, manufacturing, testing, operations and sustainment of unmanned systems, including unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and unmanned surface vessels (USVs)… Read More


Army Innovation Day Award

The Army Innovation Day was designed to facilitate the Army’s capabilities and approaches to manned-unmanned teaming for a combined army team in a joint environment. The collaboration between BlueZone Group and the Army was established during the Army Innovation Day, where Teledyne OceanScience Z-Boat was exhibited. The capabilities of the Z-Boat fleet were significantly increased through BlueZone’s technological innovation… Read More