Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic pressure testing is an essential step in assurance of systems designed for deployment in the ocean. BlueZone owns and operates hydrostatic pressure testing chambers. All chambers have electrical pressure rated penetrators for connection to equipment under test. BlueZone maintains all chambers with in-date NATA certified gauges.

150m Chamber – Perth

This chamber is suitable for many jobs with a pressure testing capability of 150 MSW.

  • Maximum test pressure: 150m
  • Length: 1.5m
  • Maximum diameter: 760mm

Test Tank – Newcastle

Located in Newcastle, this test tank provides the capability for comprehensive in-water testing of ROVs of all types. The tank includes viewing portholes to enable clear observation of underwater ROV behaviour. A 1-tonne capacity crane provides the capability to lift test items into the tank.

  • Diameter: 8m
  • Depth: 5m
  • Capacity: 250,000L

Subsea Polyurethane Cable Moulding Service

The hydrostatic pressure testing capability complements BlueZone’s Subsea Polyurethane Cable Moulding Service. Cable and connector assemblies are fully tested supporting fast turnaround and high-quality jobs for customers.

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2000m Hydrostatic Test Chamber at the BlueZone Perth Workshop
test chamberr
“Double Eagle Mk II” Remotely Operated Vehicle under test in the Newcastle Test Tank.