ROV/AUV and Glider Products

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Autonomous Vehicles (AUV)

ROV/AUV and Glider ProductsBlueZone introduced the first ROV into Australian waters in 1976 and  since then has built an enviable track record in supplying total ROV systems and critical ROV spares and components from the worlds leading manufacturers.

BlueZone continues to introduce new technology to the Australian market and is now proud to offer the “simply remarkable” Wave Glider which breaks new ground as an Autonomous Surface Vehicle with unlimited persistence in the marine environment.  Government, commercial and scientific users have many requirements for a persistent presence over wide ocean areas that can presently only be met with manned vessels with associated complicated logistics and significant expense. The Wave Glider provides a new way to sense the ocean environment.

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Products for ROV Support

BlueZone offers an extensive range of products for support of ROVs from many OEMs. We understand that many operators need to support a fleet of ROVs of different types to meet all operational conditions and requirements. BlueZone is your “one stop shop” for all ROV components and equipment to ensure your ROVs are ready to meet your operational requirements.

  • Teledyne Benthos StingRay ROV  Hydroid Inc REMUS AUV series
  • Soil Machine Dynamics SMD Atom ROV     Curvetech ROV Thrusters
  • ROV Compensators and Reservoirs   Teledyne Benthos Mini Rover ROV
  • ROV colour zoom cameras    Halogen and LED lighting
  • BIT Low Light CCD Camera   Pan & Tilt Units
  • Xenon Strobes RF Beacons
  • Acoustic pingers and locators  Winch and TMS option Slip Ring Sets
  • DFP & DST Sonar suites   Motion sensors
  • Pipe tracking equipment   Video Overlay
  • Digi CP Acoustic Modems
  • Multiplexer Systems  ROV Buoyancy
  • ROV main lift and TMS Tethers    HPU connectors
  • Optical fibre penetrators  55 series connectors

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