SEA1770 Rapid Environmental Assessment

Digital data from the ocean

The Survey Craft is a key component of the Australian Navy SEA1770 project. The 9.5 meter Survey Craft is designed to provide the Royal Australian Navy with underwater hydrographic data to assist vessels with safe deployment and manoeuvring in unknown maritime environments. BlueZone Group has an ongoing contract with LEIDOS (formally Lockheed Martin Australia), to supply, integrate and support sensor suites for the Rapid Environmental Assessment.

The deployable elements of the Rapid Environmental Assessment will include the Survey Craft, Fly Away Survey Kits, tide, wave, and current monitoring systems for the RAN. These capabilities will enhance the direction, collection, processing, and dissemination of tactical maritime environmental information such as Military Geospatial Information (MGI).

Additionally, the REMUS 100S is a highly successful and specialised UUV that is configured specifically for hydrographic and offshore surveys. The REMUS 100S UUV was designed to eliminate the need for larger vessels and costly handling equipment. One element of the unmanned system toolbox from the REMUS 100S was supplied for the RAN SEA1770 Rapid Environmental Assessment, due to the highly accurate seafloor surveys.

The REMUS 100 Next Generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicle is provided under SEA1770.
Minelike Objects (MLO) identified by Edgetech Side Scan Sonar.

Key Achievements:

  • Meeting all contract supply, support and maintenance performance obligations.

  • Development of Kailani Telemetry Buoy System.

  • Establishment of REMUS 100 Next Generation support capability in Australia

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REMUS Double at Depot Level Maintenance Facility

HII REMUS 100 UUV Variants


Scope of the work:

Supply and support of a comprehensive equipment suite sourced from leading global OEMs including:

  • REMUS 100 Next Generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)

  • Edgetech 4200 Side Scan Sonars

  • Teledyne-Reson T20-P Multibeam Echo Sounders

  • Applanix Wavemaster II Motion Sensors

  • Teledyne-Odom Echotrac CV100 Single Beam Echo Sounders

  • Valeport Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers

  • RBR Tide Gauges

  • Teledyne RDI Workhorse WHS600 Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers

  • Kailani Telemetry Buoy System