Minehunter Coastal


Scope of Work:

The Double Eagle Mine Disposal System (MDS) originated specifically for the HUON Class Minehunter Coastal, as the primary equipment for mine disposal. BlueZone Group is an exclusive MDS support partner to Saab Seaeye, which has aided the Double Eagle Mine Disposal System since early 2000. The engineering team at BlueZone work closely the Thales Australia, to provide a complete in-country service of the Double Eagle to assist the Minehunter Coastal in-service Support. 



The HUON Class Minehunter Coastal Double Eagle MDS comprises fourteen Mine Disposal Vehicles and six shipboard systems. The high sophistication of the Double Eagle flight-control software allows a full six-degree of freedom controls, thrust for speeds up to 6 knots and acoustic/magnetic signatures for accurate mine control and maneuvering close to sea mines. Additionally, the Double Eagle is equipped with an onboard range identification sonar, a searchlight and a close circuit low light camera.


Comprehensive support programs have enabled the BlueZone Group to provide full maintenance, modification, and modernisation for the Double Eagle System within Australia. The engineering workshop at BlueZone is responsible for the repairs and upgrades of the Double Eagle MDS equipment including the Control Console, Automatic Tension Control Winch and Power Control Unit. 


Double Eagle Mine Disposal Vehicle operated from Huon Class Minehunter Coastal.

Double Eagle Support in Australia
Sovereign Support Capability for Uncrewed Maritime Systems

The Double Eagle Mk II is arguably the world’s most advanced Mine Disposal System, and is now in the service of navies worldwide. Operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) since 1999, the Double Eagle has been supported by BlueZone Group since 2000.

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Double Eagle Downunder

Double Eagle Mine Disposal Vehicle operated from Huon Class Minehunter Coastal.




Key Achievements:          

Meeting all contract supply, support and maintenance performance obligations since 2000: 

  • 122 vehicles have been overhauled; 12 completely refurbished
  • 153 Tethers have been overhauled
  • 18 winches have been completely refurbished
  • 36 Power Converter Units have been overhauled; 12 completely refurbished

Development of modifications and upgrades including:

  • Tether Connection Mk II
  • Tether Connection Mk III
  • Opto-electronic Vehicle Unit
  • Integration of Low Frequency Acoustic Transponder
  • Ship-wide development testing for acoustic tracking performance