BlueZone Awarded Contract for LAND1771 Tranche 1

Geospatial Survey Systems (GSS) for the Land Force to deliver Littoral and Riverine Survey capability and superior situational understanding

BlueZone Group has been awarded a two-year contract to deliver and sustain Littoral and Riverine Survey (LRS) Systems, as part of the LAND1771 program, to support the joint land force. LAND1771 Tranche 1 will introduce the first Geospatial Survey Systems (GSS) to the Land Force and modernise land geospatial and survey capabilities. It will deliver superior situational understanding to Land Force commanders by modernising geospatial support capabilities, inclusive of the geospatial technology and military survey capabilities.


“We are very proud to be awarded this contract for the LAND1771 Tranche 1 and to continue providing high quality, technologically advanced products, and exemplary service to our Defence forces,” said Elizabeth Karpiel, BlueZone Group CEO. “BlueZone has worked with globally leading OEMs for more than twenty years to ensure we offer a wide portfolio of leading-edge products to meet the requirements of our clients.” BlueZone sustains products supplied to Defence with an east and west coast capability for maintenance, modification, and upgrade, maximising operational availability and optimising capability.


The LRS capability will perform hydrographic and bathymetric surveys of Littoral and Riverine environments to facilitate the collection and dissemination of Geospatial data. The data are transferred to other GSS subsystems for analysis, production and dissemination contributing to the ADF’s Geospatial Intelligence gathering. Further, it will enable and improve rapid terrain understanding and situational awareness, navigation, and mission management systems for land force’s domestic and overseas operations. The systems will be employed by scalable teams of technicians working in both connected and disrupted communication environments.


The highly qualified and experienced team of engineers and technicians at BlueZone have a strong track record of delivering engineering development, systems integration and test for advanced maritime sensors and support systems. “As a sovereign SME, we have the agility to ensure we stay ahead of the advances in technology,” Ms Karpiel said, “and our team will ensure this system uses the most advanced technology to produce effective results for the land force.” BlueZone’s success in LAND1771 Tranche 1 builds on experience as a key supplier for SEA1770 Rapid Environmental Assessment and ensures local support for a key Defence capability across land and maritime forces.

BlueZone Awarded Contract for LAND1771


Littoral and Riverine multibeam echo sounder mount for the Geospatial Survey Systems GSS


About BlueZone Group


BlueZone Group is an Australian SME with over twenty years of experience in providing specialised support for autonomous and remotely operated maritime vehicles operated by Defence and other customers. BlueZone offers a wide maritime technology product portfolio representing leading global original equipment manufacturers. We “service what we sell” and our workshops in Newcastle and Perth provide local service and coast-to-coast support for our full product range. Our application engineering team provides services in design, development, and integration of products for new and existing systems to meet customer specific needs.