WG02 Wave Glider Transport Case

WG02 Wave Glider Transport Case

BZG Engineered Product

Available in corrosion-free GRP or aluminium the Wave Glider Transport Case is designed to protect the WaveGlider vehicle for road and air transport under all conditions. The Transport Case includes stowage locations for items such as the Weather Station Mast, Wave Glider Purge Kit and documentation.

The Transport Case provides for storage and transport of the Wave Glider in a “ready to launch” condition. The Case can simply be lifted onboard a vessel, transited to the area of operations and then launched directly from the Case to the water

The SV2 Wave Glider Transport Case is in-service with the Royal Australian Navy.

Please contact BZG for information about an SV3 Wave Glider Transport Case.

Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

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