BlueZone Welcomes SRS to Australia

Strengthening Partnerships and Enhancing Expertise on the FUSION ROV

Nick Devine, VP of Strategy and Business Development at SRS travelled to Australia this month for a series of FUSION ROV demonstrations and training sessions. BlueZone welcomed Nick to our Thornton facility to gain a deeper understanding of the company and provide our staff the opportunity to operate the FUSION ROV in our on-site test tank. The team were honoured to host him and appreciated his extensive knowledge of the FUSION ROV unique system.


The SRS FUSION ROV design, capability and intuitiveness differs from the traditional ROV platform through a tightly integrated system which is built around an array of high-end sensors. The FUSION can be augmented with additional payloads for specific mission requirements. The different operational modes (ROV, AUV and Diver) expands the usability and capability of the system.


BlueZone’s partnership with SRS strengthens our commitment to offering the most advanced and comprehensive solutions to our customers in Australia and New Zealand. The BlueZone team are trained by leading experts on the latest technology to ensure that we provide our customers with in-depth solutions based on real technical expertise. Our commitment to leading industry companies such as SRS guarantees that BlueZone and our customers are always ahead of the tide.


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The FUSION ROV under operation in BlueZones test tank at the Thornton Facility Photo Credit Nick Devine SRS