KraitArray™ Integrates with XLUUV

ASW Operations implemented from Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle

Demonstrating the versatility of the low profile miniaturised acoustic arrays KraitArray™, supplied by UK company Systems Engineering & Assessment (SEA), the array has been deployed from and Extra Large Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle (XLUUV) showing that it could be operated with the fully functional 150m thin-line towed KraitArray™ attached. An end-to-end system check was completed, integrating with the submersible’s existing communications and sensor systems – which include position, time, speed and depth – to identify how data would be combined to provide a detailed acoustic profile of the underwater environment.

The KraitArray™ is a product family of low profile miniaturised acoustic arrays suitable for low speed towed or static applications. SEA have made use of their knowledge and experience of larger diameter arrays to develop this highly adaptable product that provides impressive performance with reduced power consumption, weight, drag and cost when compared with traditional line and towed arrays.

The KraitArray™ has been selected for Defence Innovation Hub project P17-246768 – Theatre ASW – Off board DCL using Wave Gliders and under trials in Australia for deployment from the Wave Glider Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV).

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KraitArray™ for ASW Applications

KraitArray™ Arrives in Australia

Defence Innovation Hub Award – Theatre ASW using Wave Gliders


The KraitArray™ provides impressive performance with reduced power consumption weight drag and cost in comparison to the traditional line and towed arrays


Sovereign payloads developed for uncrewed surface vehicles like the Wave Glider provide a capability edge for the ADF with future update and evergreening control retained within Australia