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Obscape OBS-BUOY7W Wave Buoy

The solar-powered OBS-BUOY7W will suit your wave observation needs on any project, regardless of location and budget. Accurate real-time wave data makes its way to your desktop in real-time through...

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Level Gauge

Whether you are interested in tidal water level variations, stormwater runoff, or storage basin volumes, the Obscape Level Gauge will suit your needs.

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CT Station

Obscape’s CT Station is the ideal all-in-one solution for real-time conductivity, temperature, and salinity measurements. It combines the robust Obscape Power & Telemetry Module with a low-maintenance toroidal CT probe.

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Time Lapse Camera

Obscape’s Time-Lapse Camera is a robust, fully wireless solution that delivers time-lapse images to your desktop in real-time. It allows you to have a look at your area of interest...

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Weather Station

Obscape’s Weather Station supplies you with real-time weather data and was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates, which means there are no moving parts to fail.

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Wave Module

A highly accurate real-time wave measurement system that reports the non-directional wave spectrum including wave height, wave period, and more.

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Obscape Wave Buoy

The Obscape OBS-Buoy400 is an affordable, lightweight, and reliable metocean buoy that collects and transmits real-time full wave and sea surface temperature data.

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