BlueZone Group Named Distributor of SRS Fusion ROV

Diving into the Future: BlueZone Group Welcomes the Strategic Robotic Systems Fusion ROV to Its Product Range

BlueZone Group is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product range: the Strategic Robotic Systems Fusion Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). This groundbreaking collaboration marks a significant stride forward for both companies, ushering in a new era of innovation and possibilities in the realm of underwater robotics. The integration of Strategic Robotic Systems’ Fusion ROV into our product lineup strengthens BlueZone Group’s commitment to offering the most advanced and comprehensive solutions to our clients across various sectors.


The FUSION is a fresh approach to underwater vehicles that exemplifies design, capability, and intuitiveness. A departure from a traditional flexible platform to a tightly integrated system that is built around a high-end suite of sensors.  Exhaustive attention to detail at every level establishes FUSION as the benchmark for professional underwater vehicles. The FUSION exemplifies attention to detail by breaking from tradition with a new approach to underwater vehicle design.  It isn’t simply about coupling a suite of sensors, thrusters, and batteries, but integrating them in such a way that produces a capable, stable, and reliable underwater vehicle.


FUSION is a truly unique system in many ways of which one is the ability to operate in different modes.  Out of the box, FUSION is a highly capable tethered ROV system providing real-time feedback and interaction.  With a simple software update (in countries not restricted) FUSION can be turned into an untethered autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to conduct traditional or complex missions without the use of a tether.  Add in the third function that sets FUSION apart is the optional diver module that turns FUSION into a diver propulsion and navigation device.


Imagine a singular asset that can quickly transform between desired applications utilising the same intuitive user interface.  Conduct a larger area mission in AUV mode, download and analyse the data, hot swap the batteries and plug in the tether or connect the diver module to follow up with real-time acquisition. The Fusion ROV is not merely a product; it’s a testament to the boundless possibilities when innovation and expertise converge. Designed to excel in various underwater applications, this remarkable ROV embodies the future of exploration, efficiency, and technological advancement.


We extend an invitation to you to be a part of this remarkable journey. The Fusion ROV, now available through BlueZone Group, represents an opportunity to dive deeper, explore farther, and embrace the limitless potential of underwater environments.


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Strategic Robotic Systems’ Fusion ROV (Photo Credit: SRS Fusion).


The different functions of the Fusion ROV (Photo Credit: Fusion).