BlueZone visits Saab in Sweden

BlueZone travels to Sweden for a Factory Acceptance Test on the AUV62-AT

BlueZone Group’s Lead Engineer for the AUV6-AT contract, Daniel Robins travelled to Saab Sweden in July 2022, to complete the IASWTT Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) on the AUV62-AT Intermediate Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Target. BlueZone’s, Electrical Engineer, Curtis Schur and Senior Technician, Grant Maddison assisted Daniel with the FAT, and observed/participated in the maintenance and trials of the AUV62-AT. During the visit, the BlueZone team were able to gain an understanding of the workshop facilities and utilise the information as a guide for the workshop setup in the Newcastle. Overall, the visit to Saab built interpersonal relationships with on the ground engineers and technician staff at Saab Dynamics, whilst strengthening the collaboration between Saab and BlueZone for the AUV62-AT contract.


Saab Dynamics and BlueZone Group have been partners for over two decades in support of the Double Eagle Mine Disposal System, operated by the Royal Australian Navy from the Huon Class Minehunter Coastal Ships. BlueZone has provided service and support for Saab vehicles since their introduction to service in Australia in 2000. The partnership between Saab and BlueZone will continue and expand with the AUV62-AT Intermediate ASW Target Training, to enter service for the RAN in 2022.


Andy Keough, Saab Australia’s Managing Director said, “Our partnership with BlueZone Group will see one hundred percent of the AUV62-AT sustainment operations carried out by the Australian industry”. The AUV62-AT will provide the defence with a significant new training capability to “train as you fight”. The AUV62-AT is flexible, adaptable and can operate in several different modes, enabling it to comply with various sets of training exercises. The advanced ASW technology simulates active and passive submarines and torpedos, providing realistic training scenarios for submarines, aviators, and surface vessels.


In 2021, BlueZone officially signed a five-year contract with Saab to manage operations, maintenance and repair for the Royal Australian Navy’s AUV62-AT Intermediate ASW Training Target. “The result has been a win-win with a local defence SME providing focused, flexible and innovative support to the Navy while, at the same time building a sovereign capability in maritime robotics,” said BlueZone CEO Elizabeth Karpiel. BlueZone will support maintenance, mobilisation and at sea deployment of the Training Target on the east and west coasts to meet the Navy and Air Force needs.


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BlueZone Groups Lead Engineer Daniel Robins and Saab Australia Project Manager Arran Brown in front of the AUV62 AT


Saab launching the AUV62 AT into the water for Factory Acceptance Test trials Sweden