Klein Marine Systems & Ocean Power Technologies Partnership

Klein Marine Systems announces OPT as the leading supplier of side scan equipment & SpectralAi Software


During Hypack 2024 Klein Marine Systems and Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) reached an OEM agreement for the sidescan sonar equipment and SpectralAi Software licencing. In addition to the recent agreement, Dr. Peter Ramsay is travelling to Australia in January 2024, to promote and demonstrate the SpectralAi software suite. Klein Marine Systems are renowned manufactures of high-resolution sonar systems and has been at the forefront of underwater acoustics for over five decades. Klein’s sonar technology is widely used for applications such as hydrography, underwater imaging, and subsea surveys across several sectors.


OPT specialises in the development and commercialisation of innovative ocean energy solutions by leveraging its power generation and data capabilities to provide intelligent maritime solutions and services. OPT’s focus on reducing the environmental impacts is illustrated through their expertise in harnessing the power of ocean waves to generate clean and sustainable energy.


BlueZone represents Klein Marine Systems and OPT in Australia and aim to enhance the presence of these innovative companies in the Australian market and contribute to the advancement of marine technology and sustainable energy solutions. By partnering with these globally recognised organisations, BlueZone is reinforcing its dedication to bringing the latest technology advancements to the Australian maritime sectors. These partnerships are expected to drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and support the commitment to fostering technological advancements for a more sustainable maritime future.


For more information about the upcoming demonstrations or products, contact the team at BlueZone.


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Klein Systems 5900 Advanced ultra high resolution side scan sonar with an integrated gap filler and swath bathymetry sonar for MCM and surveillance missions Photo Credit Klein Marine Systems


OPTs WAM V ASV is an innovative class of autonomous surface vehicles ASVs that uses an articulating suspension system to minimize structural loading Photo Credit OPT