BlueZone recognised as a SEABER Distributor

BlueZone is recognised as an Australian Distributor for the SEABER micro AUV products

In August 2023, BlueZone Group and SEABER signed an agreement to name BlueZone as an authorised Australian distributor for SEABER Micro AUV products. This partnership will provide the opportunity to fill the gaps in coastal water monitoring with SEABER’s highly accessible micro AUVs. The YUCO and MARVEL micro AUV range are developed to meet the specific requirements of oceanographic researchers and navies.


The YUCO micro AUV range is designed to be used for research and commercial oceanographic applications. SEABER’s YUCO range is accessible to all types of users and is a single task “off the shelf”, affordable and reliable system which can be deployed and received by an individual operator. With an internal INX© navigation system and fully integrated DVL and depth sensors, the YUCO range can operate in coastal waters without any external action required. The YUCO micro AUV is 98cm in length, can operate in depths up to 300 m and has an autonomy mission time up to 10 hrs with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries.


The MARVEL micro-AUV range is used for more defence orientated sectors such as security and coast guard applications. The MARVEL range consists of absolute positioning, underwater communication, improved data security and new payload capabilities. The MARVEL range also features the internal INX© navigation system through a fully integrated DVL system. The payload capabilities include acoustic positioning and data transmission by a USBL, data encryption and scuttling options. The MARVEL micro AUV range includes Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam Sonar and Magnetometer.


BlueZone has been provided training on the operation of the YUCO range by the experts at SEABER and will be kept up to date with the latest technological developments. For more information about SEABER’s product range, contact the team at BlueZone.


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The YUCO-PAM micro AUV launched from the side of a vessel (Photo credit: SEABER).


SEABER’s MARVEL Side Scan Sonar Micro AUV (Photo Credit: SEABER).