SEABER Crosses the English Channel

The SEABER micro-AUV World-First crossing the English Channel

The SEABER micro AUV, developed by a focused, experienced, and passionate team of engineers and researchers, has recently made headlines by successfully crossing the English Channel. This crossing was a world first for a micro-AUV and was completed in just eight hours. The uncrewed vehicle is small in size, measuring just over one meter in length and weighing under 7 kilograms, and can be deployed by one person. Despite its small size, it has proved to be a powerful tool for ocean exploration and data collection.


The SEABER micro AUV is equipped with a range of sensors and cameras, allowing it to navigate autonomously through the water and collect data on its surroundings. It can be programmed to follow pre-determined routes or explore specific areas of interest, making it an invaluable tool for marine biologists, oceanographers, and environmental scientists. The team behind the SEABER micro AUV has worked tirelessly to develop and refine its technology, resulting in a vehicle that is both efficient and effective. Its small size and low power consumption make it ideal for long-duration missions, and its ability to operate in harsh ocean conditions means it can collect data in areas that would be inaccessible to larger vessels.


Overall, the SEABER micro AUV represents a major breakthrough in ocean exploration and data collection. Its impressive capabilities demonstrate the power of AUV technology, even at a small scale, and its success in crossing the English Channel is a testament to this.


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