Subsea Lasers

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Website under development. Please use our hire enquiry form on the right to contact UVS for further details on this equipment.

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SeaLaser 100

DeepSea's SeaLaser 100 is ideal for underwater scaling, aiming, and range finding. Both green and red color options utilize a 532 nm (green) or 635 nm (red) <5mW semiconductor laser...

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Micro SeaLaser

DeepSea's Micro SeaLaser is a laser for underwater scaling, rangefinding, and aiming that utilizes a 635 nm and <5 mW semiconductor laser diode at depths up to 6,000m.

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OceanTools Ltd is a subsea engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of subsea equipment. Products are deployed in harsh environment applications including subsea survey and ROV operations.

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