Teledyne Reson

Teledyne Reson

BlueZone can help you choose the right equipment Teledyne RESON equipment for your application:

  • SeaBat® – multibeam echo sounders for shallow and deep water
  • Sound Velocity Probes (SVP) – be able to compensate with digital monitoring
  • Hydrophones – high-performance transducers for underwater listening
  • Transducers – high frequency, underwater positioning and dual-frequency purposes
  • Accessories – mounting brackets, positioning equipment, cables etc.
  • PDS2000™ software – Teledyne RESON’s own software for before, under and after a survey.

RESON Feature Packs

Teledyne RESON’s Feature Packs are a series of software and hardware upgrades that improves the functionality and performance by increasing features available on your SeaBat®.

SeaBat Sonars

From detailed pipeline inspections to EEZ mapping projects, a SeaBat can simplify your planning, save you fuel and help you complete your survey in half the time of a single-beam system. Please Contact BlueZone about your sonar needs, and we’ll help you find a reliable system that meets your application needs.

SeaBat T20-Portable

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding environments, with portability and robustness built-in.

SeaBat T20-P Components & Features

RESON’s Portable Sonar Processor handles time tagging and processing of the sonar and sensor data internally, removing the load from the user-supplied laptop – ensuring accurate, tested and reliable processing of the sonar data. The SeaBat T20-Portable is designed from the ground up, to meet the expectations of the most demanding environments, with built-in portability and robustness. The new Seabat features include pipeline detection and tracking, a new user interface that displays multi-view, history view, water column visualisation and more.

The SeaBat T20-P components include:

  • Portable Sonar Processor
  • EM7219 Receiver
  • TC2181 Projector

T20-P supports Feature Pack 3 (FP3) and the latest Feature Pack 4 (FP4).

  • FP3 – X-Range, Full Rate Dual Head, FlexMode.
  • FP4 – Automated Pipeline Detection and Tracking, Multi-Detect, Configurable Beamformer, Tracker Improvement, SeaBat Sonar User Interface (for – P).

The SeaBat T20-ASV builds upon the renowned T20-P and T20-R, with specific optimisation for shallow water USV operations.


New Features to the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T-Series

Adding colour by depth, to the already intuitive wedge history display, takes the operator to the next level, making the experience even more intuitive. 

SeaBat T50-P

The SeaBat T50-Portable has been entirely re-engineered to a new hardware platform and provides powerful features, while still being capable of fast mobilisation on small vessels. The Seabat T50-P provides data quality that was comparable to the SeaBat® 7125, but in a much smaller form factor that was ideal for operation from small boats and craft opportunities. The SeaBat T50-P and T20-P provide a powerful capability for hydrographic survey requirements for many operators, that need high-resolution data from a portable system. the SeaBat T50-P provides unprecedented clean data, resulting in less data processing time and an ultra-high-resolution  0.5°*1° beam footprint.

SeaBat F50 Forward Looking Sonar

The SeaBat F50 is a high-resolution forward-looking sonar system operating at 200kHz or 400KhZ, that illuminates a wide 140° horizontal sector ahead of the head assembly.  The SeaBat may be mounted on a surface vessel, submarine, AUV or ROV and is available with in-depth ratings up to 6000 m.

The SeaBat F50 focused beams, high ping rate and bandwidth combine to provide the user with superior resolution and quality. The use of the multibeam sonar technology allows for nearly instantaneous updates of the sonar image, which provides information to the user faster than mechanically scanning sonars. 

SeaBat F50 supports MCM Operations: The SeaBat F50’s wide sector coverage and narrow beamwidth support MCM Operations.

SeaBat F30 Product Leaflet SeaBat F50 Product Leaf


OG05 – Teledyne Reson SeaBat T20P Integration Kit

Fast & Easy Development of the SeaBat T20P Multi-Beam Echo Sounder

The OG05 Teledyne Reson T20P Integration Kit provides for fast and easy integration of the SeaBat T20 Multi-Beam Echo Sounder, into small boats or other survey vessels as required.

Read More: OG05 – Teledyne Reson SeaBat T20P Integration Kit


Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

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