DeepWater Buoyancy

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Deepwater Buoyancy Acoustic Release Buoyancy

DeepWater Buoyancy’s Acoustic Release Buoyancy Collars allow for long-term deployment of acoustic release instruments to depths as great as 6000 meters.  Designs provide for single acoustic release systems or, for...

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Deepwater Buoyancy StableMoor® Mooring Buoys

Specifically engineered for high current applications, the StableMoor® is designed to reduce drag and increase mooring stability in extreme flow regimes. By decreasing frontal area (compared to our standard spherical...

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Deepwater Buoyancy ADCP Buoys

DeepWater Buoyancy understands the value of data recovery, as well as, ADCP technology, oceanographic operations and what it takes to supply products that ensure success.

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HardBall® Float Subsea Buoyancy

DeepWater Buoyancy’s Hardball® Floats provide subsea buoyancy for a wide variety of oceanographic applications.

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Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System

DeepWater Buoyancy’s Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB) allows for direct retrieval of seabed packages, such as anchors, anchor lines, and bottom-mounted frames and instruments.

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