Teledyne Reson F30 and T51 Demonstration in Sydney Harbour

Comparison of sonar performance on multiple targets

In April 2022 BlueZone Group hosted Teledyne Marine representatives for a demonstration conducted in Sydney Harbour showing obstacle avoidance, target detection, and bathymetric capabilities of the RESON F30 and T51 Multibeam Systems.

Multiple targets, including mine-like objects, were deployed by customers which were all successfully detected by both the F30 and T51. Targets including shipwrecks were also successfully surveyed with data processed using Teledyne PDS, a multipurpose software platform that supports a wide range of tasks within Hydrography, Dredge Guidance, Construction Support, Search & Recovery Operations and Port Entrance Monitoring.

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Imagery of TSS Currajong obtained using Teledyne Reson T51 Multi Beam Echo Sounder