RESON SeaBat® F30 sonar

RESON SeaBat® F30 sonar

RESON SeaBat® F30 sonar

Understanding the most unique sonar from Teledyne Marine

The RESON SeaBat F30 sonar is a unique and highly capable sonar that provides simultaneous 3D Forward-Looking Bathymetry and 2D Imaging optimised for Uncrewed Underwater Vehicle (UUV) platforms. The unique features of the sonar include:

  • 200kHz forward-looking bathymetry (3D mode)
  • 635kHz high-resolution 2D imaging
  • Switching between forward-looking and imaging modes

The RESON SeaBat F30 sonar provides a unique combination of forward-looking bathymetry and high-resolution imaging enabling resolution to discriminate objects at long ranges for obstacle avoidance. The unique forward-looking seabed bathymetry enables UUV navigation on the fly and provides a unique quality gap-fill to the sides that can sensor suite. Co-registrations of imagery (alternating) and bathymetry allows precise relocation of imagery after a mission.

The sonar has recently been ported to the latest Reson platform – the T-Series platform – making it robust and cost-effective technology that is non-ITAR. This provides new acoustic arrays and electronics technology. The footprint of the receiver is reduced to almost half and the depth rating has been increased from 3000m to 6000m. The T-series processing provides improved imaging and a faster switch between forward-looking bathymetry and 2D imaging.

The 635kHz high-resolution 2D imaging provides 512 beams with a 0.6-degree centre beamwidth. The result is clean images due to low sidelobe levels.

The 200kHz forward-looking sonar is an interferometric processing sonar with 112 beams that provides bathymetric data ahead of an underwater vehicle. The sonar is not intended as a hydrographic sonar as it is not the primary application, the primary application is forward-looking bathymetry for UUV navigation.

Advanced users can access the 66,000 samples per second as a platform to develop applications using the Teledyne SeaBat 7K PDS format.

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SeaBat® F30 High-Resolution Forward-looking Multibeam Sonar Demo

SeaBat F30: Understanding the most unique sonar from Teledyne Marine

 RESON SeaBat F30 sonar
A standard US football field is shown for scale on the 200kHz forward-looking bathymetry that is
obtained at the same time as the 635kHz high-resolution 2D image.

RESON SeaBat F30 sonar
For 200kHz 3D mode the phase difference between arrays provides an elevation angle for every

RESON SeaBat F30 sonar
Sand waves on the seabed provide a good indication of the quality of data collected from a surface