SEABER and Marine Sonic Technology Partnership Enhances Micro-AUV Capabilities

Micro-AUV’s Revolutionising Autonomous Underwater Exploration

SEABER’s latest micro-AUV is equipped with Marine Sonic Technology’s dual frequency Side Scan Sonar. The Marine Sonic SSS transducers are specifically designed for AUV and ROV side scan operations through adaptive CHIRP technology and improved signal-to-nose ratios. SEABER’s YUCO and MARVEL scan micro-AUVs are integrated with Marine Sonic Technology SSS transducers and allow operators both single and dual frequency options with ultra-low power consumption.


To best suit user applications, frequency options include:

  • The 600 / 1200 kHz option which provides the ideal compromise between long range and high resolution.
  • The 900 / 1800 kHz option which is optimised for applications that require ultra-high-resolution imagery for detecting very small targets during the first survey.
  • Single frequency options with ranges from 600 kHz to 1800 kHz.


The YUCO & MARVEL micro-AUVs are designed to navigate challenging environments with precision, making them ideal for tasks that require detailed underwater mapping and data collection. The incorporation of Marine Sonic Technology’s advanced sonar technology enables SEABER’s micro-AUVs to conduct high-resolution scans essential for scientific research, environmental monitoring, and defence applications.


The partnership between SEABER and Marine Sonic Technology highlights a shared commitment to push the boundaries of underwater exploration. The innovative combination of SEABER and Marine Sonic Technology, offers enhanced capabilities for detailed and efficient underwater surveys. BlueZone have a long-standing commitment to expanding autonomous underwater systems and continuously strive to bring advanced solution to the market within Australia.


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