SeaBat T20-ASV Multibeam Sonar

Optimised for Autonomous Applications

Based around the widely popular SeaBat T20, from Teledyne RESON of Denmark, the T20-ASV is optimised for use on autonomous platforms having reduced size, power consumption and weight.

The T20-ASV comes as standard with SeaBat AI control, optimising results and giving true hands-off operation – a major step toward fully autonomous operations.  Adapting the SeaBat T20 to suit ever smaller platforms means surveyors can now benefit from Teledyne RESONs exceptionally clean, high-resolution data and precise positioning even when working from small Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs).

Moving to uncrewed vessels to augment existing operations is an exciting step and getting the platform and payload right is key. The T20-ASV is welcome news as it means no compromise over sensor selection with data as good as might expected from our much larger manned vessels.

BlueZone partners with a range of Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) suppliers including Teledyne Ocean Science and MARTAC suppliers of the MANTAS system. The BlueZone engineering team provides an experienced uncrewed systems capability to work with customers to integrate high performance sensors into USV platforms. These systems can be used for a range of applications including survey or inshore areas, tailings dams, lakes and rivers.

The SeaBat T20-ASV is another example of the rapid development of platform and payload technology that is changing the face of marine data sensing operations around the world.

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