HII Unmanned Operations

HII Successfully Demonstrates Coordinated Manned & Unmanned Operations

BlueZone’s partner HII has announced a successful demonstration of capabilities enabling amphibious warships to launch, operate, and recover the HII-built large-diameter unmanned underwater vehicle (LDUUV). Research and development between HII’s Ingalls Shipbuilding and Mission Technologies aim to advance mission-critical technology solutions in support of HII’s defence industry customers.

Kari Wilkinson, president of Ingalls Shipbuilding said “HII is committed to advancing the future of distributed maritime operations and demonstrating our capability to support unmanned vehicles on amphibious ships”. The amphibious warships are designed to have unique well decks that can be flooded to launch and recover various maritime platforms such as LDUUVs.

The Advanced Technology Group at HII performed the launch and recovery demonstration with a platform prototype called Pharos and HII’s LDUUV, Proteus. The demonstration involved Proteus approaching and being captured by the Pharos cradle, while the platform was being towed behind a small vessel to simulate an amphibious ship at low speed. Once the unmanned vehicle was captured, the platform was deballasted into a recovery and transport position. The demonstration also included ballasting down to launch Proteus after the capture.

HII is exploring modifications for other UUVs and participating in live demonstrations with the fleet. The results from the Pharos and Proteus capture and recovery demonstration will assist HII to further mature concepts and continue to develop innovative defence solutions.

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HII Proteus Launch & Recovery

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HII’s LDUUV Proteus during a demonstration on the Pascagoula River.


HII’s LDUUV Proteus recovered and captured by the prototype platform Pharos during a demonstration on the Pascagoula River.