2021 – The Year In Review

The end of the year has arrived, and we have taken the opportunity to reflect on 2021

What a year! 2021 has been a year of fantastic highs and some real challenges for us all and we believe it is important to reflect on what has come to pass and what has been accomplished over the last 12 months.

First and foremost, BlueZone Group wishes to thank all the members of our team for the hard work they have put in this year. We are a strong team and achieve great things together. It has always been and remains a pleasure to work with you.

Secondly, but no less importantly, thank you to our valued clients and business partners. The excellence you demand in your products and your business practices ensures we all achieve great things. The changes in the environment in which we operate have proven how important our strong business relationships are. We look forward to continuing our endeavors next year.

Some of the highlights from this year included:

  • Successful completion of the SV3 Wave Glider trials in Newcastle,
  • Upgrade to the underwater observation camera system for the COLLINS Class submarine
  • Delivery and support activities for HII Remus UUVs,
  • Beginning a new relationship with SUEX and introducing their technologically advanced diver equipment into our product range,
  • The launch of our new website,
  • Mentoring opportunities such as taking on apprentices, interns, and work experience students,
  • Celebrating our 21st birthday,
  • Attending the WA Defence gala dinner in Perth,
  • …and many events where we were able to meet with our friends and colleagues in the industry.

We are looking forward to the state and international borders being open in 2022 so we can re-join our colleagues across the country and overseas. Similarly, there were many other events that were postponed due to travel restrictions, so 2022 is promising to be another busy and exciting year.

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The BlueZone Team in Newcastle celebrated the company’s birthday in November 2021