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BlueZone has a wide product portfolio representing the leading product manufacturers worldwide. Some products are available for hire, our sales team has the experience to advise you on rental equipment availability.

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CC03 HD Drop Camera

The BlueZone HD Drop Camera System is a compact, lightweight and self-contained system that enables recording of high quality video or stills of underwater operations at up to 100m depths....

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Teledyne SeaBotix Little Benthic Crawler

The Little Benthic Crawler (LBC) features a unique vortex suction device that enables it to adhere strongly to the surface being inspected in currents up to 5 knots. Even in...

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Sea Spider ADCP Mount

The versatile and modular Sea Spider seafloor instrument mount disassembles into three pieces making it easy to transport and fast to assemble on site. Once assembled the three-legged design provides...

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Edgetech AMD200R Deck Box

The AMD200RMF is a field-proven, highly versatile deck unit that can be used to control and range on ORE’s medium frequency acoustic releases and transponders.

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Edgetech 8242XS Release

The 8242XS Acoustic Release Transponder is a field-proven, reliable, and versatile mooring instrument.

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Reson T20-P Multi Beam Echo Sounder

Website under development. Please use our hire enquiry form on the right to contact UVS for further details on this equipment.

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Reson 7125 SV2 Multi Beam Echo Sounder

The SeaBat 7125 continues to evolve with ever more powerful features for specific applications, and for enhancing productivity. The fundamental acoustics continue to be class leading with 400kHz for high...

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BlueView M900 2D Imaging Sonar

The most compact, full featured 2D Multibeam Imaging Sonar available. The M Series fits where other multibeam imaging sensors can’t, delivering crisp, real-time streaming sonar imagery.

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McLane Sediment Trap

The Parflux Sediment Trap collects the export flux of settling particles in oceans and lakes. The wide collection funnel features a hexagonal grid top. The Sediment Trap stores samples in...

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