Teledyne BlueView

BlueView products are well known for providing a game-changing technology for subsea imaging. 2D Imaging Sonar enables capture and record of video-like “movies”, even in low and zero visibility conditions. Integrating the 2D Imaging Sonar to an ROV is an effective way to create a highly mobile search and inspection tool. 3D Imaging Sonar improves underwater mission planning with detailed “as-is/ as-found” data and imagery of target structures.  Other applications for BlueView sonars have included tunnel inspection of ageing pipelines, baseline ecological assessments in the deepwater and dam and harbour inspections. The small size of BlueView sonars makes them ideal for integration into inspection class ROVs and small AUVs.

The attached article provides a case study of the use of Teledyne BlueView T2250 Multibeam Profiling Sonar technology that enabled inspection of a tunnel without de-watering.

Service and Support

BlueZone sales of Teledyne BlueView products is backed up by extensive technical knowledge developed through factory training of our engineers and technicians. During training conducted at Teledyne BlueView (Seattle, Washington) our technical staff have  comprehensively covered the BlueView range of 2D and 3D sonars including theory of operation, interpreting images and control of viewer software. Operations including actual dockside deployment and review of captured data ensured that the classroom theory was transferred to the field.