Z-Boat for Remote Hydrographic Survey Applications

Z-Boat for Remote Hydrographic Survey Applications

Fast and safe survey of Shallow Water, Estuarine & Coastal Locations

The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800 is a fast, reliable, accurate, and surveyor-tested remote survey system. With an echosounder selected specifically for use on a remote vessel, the Z-Boat 1800 can be configured to suit every survey challenge and budget. The side scan option brings crystal clear bottom imagery to the Z-Boat 1800 system.The Oceanscience Z-Boat is a robotic survey vessel that enables hydrographic survey professionals to quickly, accurately and safely collect and analyse shallow inland bathymetry data.Survey technicians are able to stay safe and dry on shore while the Z-Boat travels through a water body collecting geo-referenced depth information from an onboard shallow water single beam survey system.Instead of mobilising a manned boat or putting people on the water in a hazardous location survey, simply launch the Z-Boat and start surveying immediately. The Z-Boat echosounder and GPS are integrated with a radio modem data transmission system allowing the operator to view the boat track in real time on the shore laptop. Not only can soundings be reviewed as the data is collected, but survey lines can be easily followed with help from the laptop display.The Z-Boat’s portable design makes it quick and easy to transport from pond to pond by a single technician that also helps speed up the survey process and lower costs.

Designed for Surveying

The Oceanscience Z-Boats are designed with the surveyor in mind. The hull shape, propulsion, radio communication, and sonar instrumentation combine to offer an easy to use and powerful option for the hydrographic surveyor or land surveyor wishing to complete inshore hydrographic work. The Z-Boat offers unmatched convenience for jobs where access to the survey area is poor, or conditions are unsafe

Remote Side Scan Bottom Imaging

The Oceanscience Z-Boat 1800SS is designed to accommodate the latest Tritech StarFish 990F or 452F side scan sonar systems. With a customized towfish hull mount and high-power radio system to transmit side scan imagery data to the shore, the Z-Boat 1800SS offers a unique remotely-operated bottom imaging system. For search and recovery or hydrographic survey applications, there is no faster method of getting a side scan system in the water and begin looking for targets. The Z-Boat 1800SS can be supplied with side scan only, or add a single beam echosounder such as the Teledyne Odom CV100. The integration of a CV100 is easy, simply plug the Ethernet cable into the TDM-E, plug the power into the Z-Boat 12V supply, and plug the GPS into the CV100 GPS input. The GPS is meshed in with the echosounder data stream and so it is quite straightforward to use with HYPACK or Hydromagic drivers to make up a complete hydrographic survey package.

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Key Features

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