Next generation autonomous USV

Performs in environments & conditions where other USV’s cannot

Core Capabilities

  • Flexible configurations in 6’, 8’, 12’, 24’(7m), 38’(11m), & 50’(15m) variants.
  • Electric Propulsion or Diesel/Electric for larger MANTAS-independent twin screw systems.
  • Next generation ultra-safe Low-Lithium batteries for C5ISR and vessel operations.
  • High-speed surface operation with “burst speed” capability up to 80 kts.
  • Excellent range at cruise speeds.
  • High Precision loitering and station keeping operations.
  • Fully autonomous, semi-autonomous and full operator control modes.
  • Sensor and communications agnostic.
  • Solar Panels for extended endurance and persistence for open ocean operation.

Key Features

  • Extended in-field operations with open architecture and modular design allowing for rapid adaptation and integration of sensors, advance communications and improved energy payload
  • Highly reliable systems with waterproof components within the MANTAS hull
  • Optional “Stealth” Mode with a positively buoyant hull to minimize detection and perform “decks awash” operations
  • Performs in environments and conditions where other USV’s are unable due to MANTAS’ high-performance envelope.

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Using MANTAS T12-MCM for Mine Countermeasures Using MANTAS T12-MCM for Mine Countermeasures (395 KB)


MANTAS T38 Devil Ray Demonstration

MANTAS T38 Devil Ray unmanned surface vehicle during a demonstration April 17. U.S. Pacific Fleet’s UxS IBP 21, April 19-26, integrates manned and unmanned capabilities into the most challenging operational scenarios to generate warfighting advantages. This Devil Ray achieves speeds of 100+ kts and ranges of 3000+ nm.

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Video – MANTAS T38 Devil Ray Demonstration


X-Class Vehicles

Small, lightweight, high-performance, man-portable systems with all-day endurance. While the X-Class are primarily designed for harbour-based and near-shore operations, their impressive sea state capabilities mean they are capable ocean-going craft as well.


The T6 is the smallest and lightest vehicle in its class At just two meters in length and 36kg in weight it is also the most portable craft With a top speed of 45 kts a cruise range of up to 35 kts and payload capacity of 7kg it is also extremely cable



The T8 offers a compelling balance of size and capability At 25m in length and weighing in at just 70kg it is easily man portable and yet offers almost twice the cruise range of the T6 and more than double the payload capacity The T8 reaches maximum speeds of 30 kts in conditions in excess of Sea State 3



The larger of the three X Class vessels the T12 offers 30 hours station keeping time and payloads up to 64kgs Its cruise range extends to 60 nm and conditions exceeding Sea State 4 At 36m in length and just 118kgs it remains extremely portable


Harbour, Fleet and Medium Class

Sized between 7 and 15 meters, these larger ocean-going vessels have been designed for multi-day deployments, incredible performance and substantial payloads.


T24 Harbour Class

At just seven meters in length and 3500kg in weight the T24 is a readily deployable yet highly capable platform It can carry a payload of 817kg at speeds up to 50kts With five day endurance 400nm range and Sea State 4+ handling it is ideally suited to long range coastal and ocean deployments


T38 Fleet Class

The T38 Fleet Class is the smallest craft in the range that is capable of deployments in Sea State 5 and above Its 500 nm range impressive 80kts burst speed and 2000kg payload capability make it perfect for ocean going missions with a round trip distance of us to 750 nm


T50 Medium Class

The T50 is the most capable vessel in the fleet It is capable of carrying a 4500kg payload at speeds of up to 80kts in conditions in the excess of Sea State 5 With a range of 1000 nm and seven day endurance it offers capability simply impossible from a manned craft

Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

Using MANTAS T12-MCM for Mine Countermeasures

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