YUCO-PAM is a micro-AUV with passive acoustic monitoring

SEABER’s YUCO-PAM is an innovative autonomous solution for passive acoustic monitoring. Instead of a mounted hydrophone, it is a fully autonomous recorder that is embedded in the YUCO-PAM micro-AUV.

YUCO-PAM is a micro-AUV equipped with a Porpoise recorder from RsAqua. With a selectable sampling rate up to 384kHz and a storage capacity of up to 4TB. The Porpoise recorder can be weather programmed separately or triggered by AUV and can synchronize its recordings with the YUCO-PAM. Therefore, YUCO-PAM micro-AUV is capable of monitoring anthropogenic noise such as pile driving, and ships, as well as monitoring marine mammals even in high frequencies such as the harbour porpoises.


YUCO-PAM micro-AUV is capable of performing continuous noise recording while it navigates. It is also capable on specific mode to perform “silent” recordings at determined locations. It can also resurface and take the GPS position of each of its recordings. Thanks to its embedded pressure sensor and DVL (optional) YUCO-PAM underwater vehicle can also keep its position at a fixed depth or altitude. With an autonomy of up to 10 hours and speed from 2 to 6 knots, YUCO-PAM micro-AUV is capable of achieving long runs in full autonomy even in the current area.
Finally, whereas some other solutions, the YUCO-PAM embedded INX navigation system allows it to navigate accurately without requiring external elements. This makes it ideal and totally silent for noise recording.


YUCO-PAM is provided with all the necessary functions to be ready to deploy:

  • INX Navigation system
  • SEAPLAN Software
  • Embedded rechargeable batteries
  • Field case and accessories


Read More:

YUCO-PAM Datasheet


For more information on the YUCO-PAM, contact the team at BlueZone.



Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

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