Bayonet 350 AUGV

Heavy-Duty Performer

The Bayonet 350 is the largest AUGV produced by Greensea IQ. Its size makes it the most capable surf zone robotics vehicle for handling the harshest conditions and largest payloads. Operating from the sea floor to the beachhead, Bayonet AUGVs travel through the harshest conditions where other systems cannot.


The B350 is the largest vehicle in the Bayonet class, engineered for the heaviest payloads and the harshest environmental conditions. Its scalable architecture allows the chassis to be customized to specific payload requirements, making it an ideal
choice for missions demanding significant capacity and robust performance. Whether for complex scientific research,
extensive military operations, or challenging commercial tasks, the B350 is equipped to deliver unparalleled results.


Bayonet 350 Key Features:

  • Amphibious / Surf Zone
  • 100 meter depth rated
  • Modular components for logistics
  • Large deck space for payload / mission flexibility
  • Advanced Navigation – Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
  • Field swappable battery packs – one per pontoon


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Bayonet 350 AUG Datasheet



Key Features

Up to 25-hour mission duration

Speeds up to 4.2 knots

Increased module payload capacity

Search and recovery


Deep sea mineral exploration

Marine & Fisheries research

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