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Universal Joints

EOM Offshore's universal joints are versatile and may be used directly under surface buoys, as interfaces to subsurface buoys, and between mooring risers and seafloor structures.

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Stretch Hose

EOM Offshore’s patented stretch hose technology is the result of decades of research and development at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  The stretch hose is unique, and there is no...

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Advanced mooring technology to protect the environment with the advantage of a smaller watch circle and mooring versatility for water depth and load bearing.

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Multi-Function Node

EOM Offshore's Multi-Function Node enables a multiple instrumentation configuration.  The Multi-Function Node is designed for positive buoyancy.  The Multi-Function Node is assembled at EOM Offshore's facility with our integrated anchor...

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Marine Recovery System

Real Time Data Seafloor-to-Surface, Reduce Operational Expenditures, Environmental Benefits

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Electromechanical Chain

EOM Offshore’s electromechanical (EM) chain visually resembles the stretch hose, and it too can deliver fixed, real-time measurements and power.

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