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EdgeTech Acoustic Releases

The unique Push Off Release Transponder (PORT) is specified for many costal water and shallow applications where biofouling is an issue.

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PORT Push Off Release Transponder

The  EdgeTech PORT  Push  Off  Release  Transponder  Pop-up  recovery  package  is  ideal  for  deployments  in  coastal  environments.

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EdgeTech Littoral Mine Countermeasures Sonar

EdgeTech’s Littoral Mine Counter Measures Sonar (LMCS) Systems are affordable Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) systems developed specifically for military missions including small boat operations, larger patrol craft, and Unmanned Surface or Underwater...

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EdgeTech Navigation and Positioning

BlueZone supplies EdgeTech products for USBL Navigation and Positioning. All types of systems for underwater broadband tracking and positioning, software and products can be offered. Edgetech specialises in accurate USBL...

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