Compass Upgrade for Stream Pro

Following extensive training conducted in Australia by Teledyne RDI service staff, BlueZone Group is now pleased to announce that the Compass Upgrade for the StreamPro can be fully installed at our facilities in Newcastle, Melbourne or Perth. Factory authorised training was conducted in out Newcastle office where BlueZone Group technicians completed the upgrade on a StreamPro unit from the UVS Rental Pool under the supervision of Teledyne technicians. The StreamPro compass upgrade is mounted in the StreamPro Electronics. Modifications have been made to the transducer, mounting arm assembly and float to precisely align the transducer at a known orientation. Existing StreamPro owners can factory upgrade to this option without the need to purchase a new instrument. Features of the new compass option include:
  • Full attitude output (i.e. pitch and roll)
  • Full 360 degree operation on all axes
  • Full featured passive Built-in-Test to ensure data integrity
  • Flexible magnetic field calibration. User gets feedback on the input and output data quality via software. User is not restricted to limited orientations during the calibration. Calibration is verified to prevent a bad calibration from being retained.
  • Magnetic saturation compensation. After a calibration procedure, this allows the sensor to still measure heading even with magnetic material mounted on the StreamPro that would otherwise saturate the sensor.
  • High sample rate – keeps the ping rate fast.
  • High precision: Heading is less than 0.25 deg standard deviation; pitch/roll is less than 0.1 deg.
Compass Upgrade for Stream Pro