New Applications for WAM-V Uncrewed Surface Vehicles

Advanced uses for Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel

Marine Advanced Robotics has announced a project to develop advanced uses for WAM-V autonomous surface vehicles with parent company Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) providing experience and expertise in operating remote vehicles in the offshore energy survey segment. The development will expand the many applications of WAM-Vs and create innovative solutions that will open new use cases for a growing customer base.

Over 70 WAM-Vs (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessels) have been supplied to 10 countries, changing the way humans go to sea. OPT and Marine Advanced Robotics offer three models of WAM-V platforms, with numerous applications across various industry sectors – the ultra-portable WAM-V 8, the WAM-V 16, and the powerful WAM-V 22.

The WAM-V, short for Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel, has a flexible structure that adapts and conforms to the water’s surface, providing a smooth and level platform. In addition, inflatable pontoons help absorb motion and force, while hinged engine pods keep propellers in the water and further improve vehicle stability and controllability.

BlueZone has supplied WAM-V Uncrewed Surface Vehicles to customers in Australia including the Australian Maritime College and the Australian Defence Force. The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), in partnership with Queensland University of Technology, has used a WAM-V Autonomous Surface Vehicle to conduct an acoustic and optical survey of John Brewer Reef in the Great Barrier Reef system of North-Eastern Australia. The 2022 Maritime RobotX Challenge will take place at the Sydney International Regatta Centre from 11 to 17 November 2022. All teams will use the WAM-V surface craft manufactured by Marine Advanced Research (MAR) as their primary competition boat.


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