Maritime Robotics for Offshore Wind

Robotics Systems will support inspection and maintenance tasks in harsh conditions

New research has found Australia has very high quality and abundant offshore wind resources close to the existing transmission grid. More than 2,000 GW could potentially be installed within 100km of current substations and excluding environmentally restricted and low wind areas – far in excess of total current electricity generation.

Building on more than twenty years of experience, BlueZone offers and extensive portfolio of maritime robotics technologies that will support inspection, maintenance and engineering of offshore wind facilities.

The Sabertooth hybrid AUV/ROV from Saab Seaeye has been implemented as a containerised spread to transform any vessel of opportunity into a survey and inspection platform in less than 18 hours. This allows deepwater assets and offshore wind operators to reduce their costs, risks, and carbon footprint. The 3,000m rated dual-hull system features an inertial navigation package with fixed offsets to the sensor payload, which includes a LiDAR laser, ultra-high resolution multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, multiple camera and light solutions, and a methane leak detection sensor. The sensor payload is fully integrated with customized electronics and software that allows the Sabertooth to act as one tool, enable one set-up, and ultimately require one mobilization for multiple survey deliverables.

Especially suited for the offshore wind energy market, the Saab Seaeye Cougar XT Compact robotic vehicle has been chosen for Taiwan’s huge offshore wind farm developments. Created for challenging environmental conditions inherent in shallow water operations the Seaeye low-profile 300m rated Cougar XT Compact is specially designed to minimise the effect of current, with a reduced frame size, buoyancy, and weight — and a thinner 17mm tether cable that reduces the effect of drag. Its six powerful thrusters hold the Cougar steady in strong cross currents and allow it to operate with precise manoeuvrability around structures whilst handling a wide array of equipment that can include cameras, sonar, tracking systems and manipulators.

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