HII’s REMUS 620 UUV Successfully Completes First Sea Trails

Enhanced Endurance, Mission Capacity and Odyssey Advanced Autonomy

HII’s newest UUV, the REMUS 620 successfully undertook its first sea trials in December 2023. The sea trials included a series of surface runs and short dives.

Built on the highly successful design of the REMUS 300, the REMUS 620 has a battery life of up to 110 hours and a range of 275 nautical miles. The additional energy sections provide unmatched mission capabilities for mine countermeasures, hydrographic surveys, intelligence collection, surveillance and electronic warfare. The REMUS 620 is built with modern core electronics, navigation and communication systems, including the new Odyssey™ Mission Management Software.

Duane Fotheringham, president of Mission Technologies’ Unmanned Systems business group said “Retaining a forward strategic advantage requires the ability to deliver a multitude of effects from under the sea. The REMUS 620 is the first medium UUV designed to accurately deliver this range of advanced above-and-below water effects at long range”.

The newest REMUS UUV also integrates the Odyssey™ autonomy software suite that HII announced earlier in 2022. The UUV was built to support current and next generation naval and special operations forces, the REMUS 620 features a modular, open architecture design to facilitate seamless payload integration and HII’s Odyssey™ suite of advances autonomy solutions for intelligent, robotic platforms. The REMUS 620 can also be used as a platform to launch and operate other uncrewed vehicles or payloads from beneath the sea.

BlueZone Group is the authorised REMUS service centre in Australia and has provided support and services for the REMUS vehicles since their first introduction in Australia. Our team have been trained by the experts at HII and will continue to be kept up to date with the technological developments.


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HIIs REMUS 620 is the longest reaching UUV with a design for greater efficiency and modularity Photo Credit HII


HIIs REMUS 620 UUV conducting the surface run during the recent sea trails Photo Credit HII