Enhancing Mine Warfare Capabilities: A Recap of Exercise DUGONG 24

Integrating Technology and Tactics for Mine Countermeasure Operations and Military Diving

The Navy conducted the Exercise DUGONG 24, in Eden, NSW during 04-22 March 2024, which combined mine warfare exercises, with an aim to develop a range of mine warfare skills, tactics, techniques and procedures in company with allies and industry partners. DUGONG 24 develops Navy’s ability to integrate emerging and in-service mine warfare technologies and practice to ensure its mine countermeasure capabilities remain able to keep safe and open the shipping lanes and commercial ports that are vital for Australia’s economy and the daily lives of all Australians.


Throughout the exercises, MHCs HMAS Gascoyne and HMAS Diamantina sailed alongside the Undersea Support Vessel ADV Guidance and Mine Countermeasure Support Boats and Dive teams from the United States Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Australian Navy; whilst conducting a cooperative activity between the Australian Mine Countermeasures Support Boats and Diver teams as part of the Exercise DUGONG 24. In addition to the water-based exercises, the Diver teams also completed a series of above water IED disposal exercises. These exercises included the working with the Talon Bomb Disposal Robot to conduct an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Disposal scenario.


BlueZone’s commitment to military diving, extends beyond the equipment provision, through offering training, maintenance, and support services to ensure that military forces are fully equipped and prepared to undertake any challenge. BlueZone group works closely with many of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers. For military diving, Blueprint Subsea and SUEX are experts in their respective fields of design and manufacturing of specialist underwater equipment and capabilities for defence markets. As a development partnership, SUEX and Blueprint Subsea create an unstoppable mission capability.


Exercises such as DUGONG 24 play a crucial role in maintaining the Navy’s readiness, enhancing interoperability, fostering capability development, mitigating risks, and promoting strategic deterrence. BlueZone’s partnerships with Blueprint Subsea and SUEX provide military forces the ability to dive into their missions with confidence, knowing that they have the best equipment and support at their disposal. For more information about our product range, contact the team at BlueZone and stay ahead of the tide.


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Diver operating the Blueprint Artemis Pro and Suex DVP during a mission Photo credit Blueprint Subsea