Empowering Naval Operations: SeeByte Enhances Royal New Zealand Navy’s Capabilities

The Potential of Remote & Autonomous Systems with Common Interface Integration Solutions

In April, SeeByte, successfully delivered on-site training of SeeTrack to the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). The SeeTrack software has been integrated with numerous world-leading Robotic and Autonomous Systems and is designed to offer users a common interface to operate multiple assets. The RNZN are using SeeTrack for in-field mission planning and post-mission analysis using their fleet of HII REMUS 300 and 100 vehicles.


With SeeTrack, the RNZN Command team need only to learn a single way of planning and monitoring missions regardless of the different manufacturers or types of vehicles, sensors, and effectors being employed. Managing multiple platforms and sensors at one time from SeeTrack’s common user interface will help to maximise the capabilities of RNZN’s uncrewed systems and offers a level of interoperability while working together with other nations.


SeeByte’s Capability Delivery Manager, Sean Slee said: “It has been a pleasure working with the RNZN over the past 2 weeks. From the outset it was evident that the RNZN are extremely experienced REMUS operators. During the training, they were keen to put the theoretical lessons into practice using real assets during the practical phase of training, extremely enthusiastic, and willing to learn. I will definitely grasp any future opportunities to work with the RNZN again.”


SeeByte is a global leader in smart software solutions for robotic and autonomous systems and offers the latest software solutions such as the SeeTrack Mission Management for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS). Currently, there are over twenty-six navies worldwide using SeeTrack. It helps to support multinational interchangeability, encourages fleets to share lessons learnt, and subsequently supports doctrine refinement, and increases confidence in autonomous systems.


BlueZone Group work to support REMUS operations through maintenance services and after-sale support in Australia. As an authorised REMUS service centre, BlueZone ensures our team are up to date with the latest software and technology developments. BlueZone’s purpose is to service what we sell and provide our customers with high-quality products and services that suit their requirements.


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SeeBytes Capability Delivery Manager Sean Slee with the RNZN during SeeTrack training this week Image credit RNZN