BlueZone named as authorised REMUS service centre

HII has named BlueZone Group as authorised REMUS service centre

In May 2022, BlueZone Group and HII signed the agreement to name BlueZone Group the authorised REMUS service centre in Australia. This partnership between two established and premium quality companies, will mean downtime is minimized while ensuring the best possible standard of service is maintained.

BlueZone has provided service and support for REMUS vehicles since their first introduction to applications in Australia. Our team have been trained by the experts at HII and will continue to be kept up to date with the technological developments as and when they develop, ensuring the service received here is the same as from the original manufacturer.

REMUS vehicles are widely used in many applications including naval, hydrography and ocean science. They have been used for mine countermeasures since 2003 and were used in 2011 during the search for the ‘black boxes’ for the crashed Air France AF447 which they successfully found.

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BlueZone Group CEO, Elizabeth Karpiel, and HII Mission Technologies President, Duane Fotheringham, sign agreement at Indo-Pacific 2022.