BlueZone Group Announces Strategic Partnership with Greensea IQ for Advanced Surf Zone Solutions

Introducing Bayonet AUGVs: Enhancing Beach and Surf Zone Operations in Australia and New Zealand

BlueZone Group is pleased to announce our latest strategic partnership with Greensea IQ and their Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicles (AUGV)s. BlueZone, as the leading supplier and sustainer of specialised marine remote and autonomous systems in Australia and New Zealand, will incorporate the Bayonet AUGVs into our current beach and surf zone survey, Mine Clearance / Explosive Ordinance Disposal, and Special Forces capability offerings. Together BlueZone and Greensea IQ will provide our Australian and New Zealand partners the ability to operate effectively in the challenging surf zone environment.


The Bayonet AUGV are available in three sizes and three operator modes; autonomous, tethered or RF link buoy, to meet the needs of the operator’s surf zone mission requirements. The two-person portable 150 for smaller payloads and lighter weather and surf conditions, the 250 for harsher conditions and more extensive payload requirements, and the largest in the series, the 350, for your heaviest payloads and harshest conditions.


Using robotic intelligence, the Bayonet AUGVs offers flexible configurations, allowing for scalable size and power requirements to meet the demands of any payload, operation, or environment. The Bayonet AUGVs demonstrates the power and flexibility of OPENSEA to rapidly integrate and deploy new sensor suites for the operator tasks. These technologies showcase exceptional performance and potential in detecting, identifying, and neutralising naval mines and other explosive hazards, particularly in challenging surf and beach landing zones. By incorporating a mast onto the central frame to mount a GPS RTK system, the surf zone robotics can operate during high seas and foul weather, meaning fewer lost survey days due to environmental conditions.


BlueZone is excited to partner with a world leading OEM such as Greensea IQ who shares our mission to deliver robust and reliable solutions to our customers so that our collective work may be persistent, efficient, safe, and for the protection of earth and humankind. For more information on the latest surf zone Bayonet AUGV, contact the team at BlueZone.


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Greensea IQ Bayonet Autonomous Underwater Ground Vehicles AUGV is designed for amphibious surf zone robotic missions Photo Credit Greensea IQ