BlueZone Group and Klein Marine Systems: Pioneering Hydrographic Advancements in Australia

BlueZone and Klein Marine Systems Illuminate Hydrographic Excellence during Dr. Peter Ramsay’s latest visit.

Recently, Dr. Peter Ramsay, Director of Strategic Hydrographic Programs at Klein Marine System travelled to Perth, WA to present the latest Klein technology at the Australasian Hydrographic Society (AHS) event on the 30th of January 2024. Klein Marine Systems are a world-leading provider of side-scan systems with a reputation for excellence through high-quality products.


During the AHS event, Peter presented two demonstrations about the use of Side Scan technology in hydrographic applications and latest compliance requirements for survey standards, and the use of AI for side scan survey reporting through Klein’s SpectralAi software suite. BlueZone was honoured to support Peter throughout his visit to Australia. Peter’s trip allowed our team to explore his wealth of experience and gain valuable insight into the current state and future trends of the hydrographic industry.


One of the key highlights of this collaboration was the opportunity to provide our customers a deeper insight into the latest technology. BlueZone are known for supporting innovative solutions to a range of markets through the support of reliable and trusted manufacturers such as Klein Marine Systems. This occasion demonstrated the state-of-the-art equipment that can revolutionise the way surveys are conducted, not only in the hydrographic industry. The cutting-edge technology presented by Peter during the AHS event, exhibited how it is designed to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of the hydrographic surveys.


In addition to showcasing the advanced equipment, BlueZone seized the opportunity to actively engage with customers in Western Australia. The team at BlueZone recognises the importance of direct engagement and organised interactions with our customers and Peter Ramsay, to better understand their needs and challenges specific to the Western Australian environment. Through these engagements, BlueZone and Peter established a platform for open communications in an effort to tailor offerings to meet customers’ requirements. By taking the time to provide customers with this knowledge, BlueZone is ensuring that customers can make informed decisions about integrating new technologies into their surveying practices.


The partnership between BlueZone and Klein Marine Systems provides a valuable platform to share knowledge and expertise. BlueZone’s commitment to innovation and fostering the latest technology and software, ensures that as the hydrographic industry continues to evolve, surveyors are equipped with the correct products to navigate the challenges of their profession. The personalised engagement from BlueZone and Klein Marine Systems further strengthens our commitment to providing comprehensive support and solutions to customers within Australia.


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Dr Peter Ramsay presenting Kleins latest SpectralAi software at the AHS event in Perth WA Photo credit Dr Peter Ramsay