Australian Hydrographers Association (AHA) 23 Conference

The AHA 23 Conference: A Resounding Success

In May 2023, BlueZone Group attended the Australian Hydrographers Association (AHA) 2023 conference held in Penrith, Sydney. This year, as in previous years, it was an exceptional event that was dedicated to water industry representatives from Australia and the Asia Pacific Region with an interest in the profession of Hydrography.  As a leading provider of innovative solutions to the hydrographic sector, BlueZone values quality opportunities to collaborate with business partners to ensure we deliver the latest technology and best services to our clients.


The AHA 2023 conference provided a platform to engage in insightful discussions, attend technical sessions, and participate in workshops designed to enhance understanding of hydrography and the most current issues affecting our industry. During the event, BlueZone’s attendees enjoyed engaging with fellow participants sharing their expertise and insights on the latest advancements in hydrographic solutions. The event highlighted the importance of leveraging technology to improve the accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of hydrographic data, ultimately enabling better decision-making processes.


AHA 2023 was a resounding success and was a fantastic opportunity to create new, and reinforce long-standing business relationships. It was a dynamic platform for professionals in the field to come together, exchange knowledge, and explore innovative solutions. Additionally, it was rewarding to gain a deeper understanding of the commitment that hydrographers have to ensure sustainable and effective water resource management for the future.


The AHA 2023 Conference was hosted in Penrith Australia on the 22nd 25th May


A group photo of all the attendees of the AHA 2023 conference at the Panthers Penrith Rugby League Club