SeaBotix and BlueView Simulator

SeaBotix and BlueView Simulator

SeaBotix and BlueView Simulator for Efficient Operator Training

Teledyne SeaBotix and BlueView Training Simulators

GRI Simulations provide Teledyne SeaBotix simulators with BlueView multi-beam sonar. The simulator capability includes simulation of dual vehicle missions and a range of training content for Navy and Offshore ROV pilots, including:
• High fidelity BlueView multibeam sonar
• Surface splash zone dynamics
• Realistic tether and manipulator dynamics

Team Training with Common Operating Picture

The simulation capability supports team-training using Teledyne SeaBotix and BlueView simulation, with a focus on team-training capacity for multiple surface vessels, launch and recovery systems, and vehicle classes in a single scenario through Common Operating Picture simulation. The Common Operating Picture training mission features six controllable surface vessels with four subsea platforms vehicles (including Teledyne SeaBotix vLBV950, SeaBotix vLBC, an AUV, and Workclass ROV) operating in a single coordinated graphical and dynamic setting in a mine-countermeasures and submarine rescue scenario.

Little Benthic Crawler for Hull Inspection

For hull inspection the simulator provides high fidelity simulation for operation of the SeaBotix Little Benthic Crawler (LBC). Flying and attaching the LBC for crawling operations on ships hulls is an essential skill that must be practiced for proficiency before attempting in-water inspections.

Rapid Skill Development

Simulation based training supports rapid skill development for Navy ROV pilots when fast proficiency development is required when changing roles due to postings. The simulations support realistic training and operation of sonars, manipulators and a range of measures. The simulation supports assessment of proficiency and training can be conducted without the need for continued presence of experienced training supervisors.

Comprehensive Mission Scenarios

Missions included in the simulator are:
• Ship hull and infrastructure security
• Mine countermeasures
• Search and Rescue
• Body Searching
• Evidence Collection
• Black Box Recovery
• Oil& Gas inspection

The simulator runs on a single laptop with the SeaBotix OCU hand controller and Seanet Pro Control Software. The simulator also supports training and development of autonomous systems.

Key Features

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